Talkdesk AI Trainer.

A no-code AI model training tool for better automation using human-in-the-loop technology.

Automation made better with human-in-the-loop technology.

With Talkdesk AI Trainer™ non-technical customer service staff can easily apply their practical expertise to continuously improve AI models that are powering automation in the contact center.

You can successfully resolve more cases through automation and improve accuracy, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing cost per case.

Improve machine learning models without specialized data scientists.

Talkdesk AI Trainer is the first human-in-the-loop tool to be included in the operational flow of contact centers.

Enterprises can reduce their dependency on highly specialized data scientists to program their machine learning models. An easy-to-use interface allows non-technical staff with domain or business expertise to improve automation performance.

"By lowering the barrier to AI adoption in contact centers, Talkdesk AI Trainer is revolutionizing the way companies implement, maintain and customize their AI models for automation."

Charanya Kannan, chief product officer, Talkdesk

Resolve more cases through automation.

Talkdesk AI Trainer helps contact centers resolve cases faster by improving the level of accuracy and confidence in automations, decreasing the cost per case and increasing CSAT and NPS scores.

Empower customer service agents to join the era of AI.

With a simple, no-code interface, contact centers can leverage in-house customer service experts, such as agents and supervisors, to embed their knowledge to improve AI models.

Within Talkdesk AI Trainer, dashboards display the performance of each AI model and recommend additional training.

Talkdesk AI Trainer is a bold move into the future of work, where agents are empowered to join the era of AI.

"AI has game changing potential but AI systems are not perfect. Human in the loop AI training can fill in the gaps that machines might miss. In this new AI era, Talkdesk continues to deliver state of the art products that will decrease cost and improve CX."

Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research

Talkdesk AI Trainer Features


Dashboards show the performance of each AI model and showcase additional training needs.


Improve automation performance by leveraging non-technical staff to suggest intent training and supervisors to create and manage intent lists.


Allow supervisors to evaluate, approve, and schedule to deploy corrections to AI models.

Intent training

Train AI models to understand how customers can ask the same question in different ways and accurately predict intent.

Speech-to-text training

Quickly add, correct and manage the model’s vocabulary to avoid frustrating customers with misunderstood or inaccurately transcribed words and phrases.

Sentiment training

Make sentiment a powerful CX tool and actively fine-tune models to better understand how customers feel. Personalize and automate next best actions accurately.

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